Side & Prone Positions: Techniques & Concepts


3 days, 11-13 December - Learn new and exciting ways to work in side and prone positions using hands, feet, balancing techniques and bodyweight.

At: Cairo, Egypt

Address: Cost: $275 USD To register, contact The Nun Center


This fun and exciting workshop focuses exclusively on techniques and postures in side-lying and prone (face down) positions. If you have already studied some Thai massage, then you will learn new techniques, and gain a fresh perspective on the work. If you are a beginner in Thai massage, this workshop will help you build a strong foundation for your continuing practice and study.
Side position is wonderful for stretching your client and treating a variety of back problems. It is especially suited for large or inflexible people and it is also the only safe way to work with pregnant women. Prone position allows the therapist to treat the posterior aspect of the body, especially the feet, legs, lower back and shoulder blades. Each participant learns traditional Thai techniques, assisted yoga postures and acupressure therapies, and a period of silent, focused practice takes place at the end of each day. Many of the techniques may be integrated into table massage and other forms of healing. A special segment is dedicated to working with pregnant women in side position.
3 days, twenty hours
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