2014 – Advanced Explorations in Thai Massage (Exploraciones Avanzadas en el Masaje Tai) April 25-27, Spain


A three-day course for advanced Thai therapists, taught bilingually in Spanish and English. Covers topics such as Self-Assessment and Review, Breath and Body Mechanics, Energy Release and Self-Protection, Advanced Techniques Using the Feet, & Reading Body Language.

At: Madrid, Spain

Address: CONTACT: Pedro, - Cost: 270 EUR


This 18 hour workshop is divided into several modules, and it is for therapists who have at least 60 hours of previous study of Thai massage.

++ Review and self-assessment: -- This section provides an opportunity to review previous study from your teachers, to refine your work, and to learn advanced techniques which can be integrated into your current practice. Participants will work on each other and receive individual feedback from the teacher.

++ Breath and Body Mechanics in Thai Massage: - In this section, we explore concepts that help you to execute postures and techniques with less physical strength, more ergonomic balance, and greater integration of breath. Factors such as relative body size, proper body posture, “surrender”, synchronized and oppositional breathing patterns, and graceful transitions from one position to another are studied.

++ Energy Release and Self Protection -- We explore energy release and the role of breath in minimizing energy transference from one person to another.

++ Reading Basic Body Language: -- This segment discusses way to objectively identify a client’s body language, and how knowledge of body language can help to guide you through a session. Certain types of client responses are discussed, and client maintenance concepts are practiced.

++ Advanced techniques using your feet in Thai massage: -- This part explores the many ways to creatively and effectively use your feet as you work. We study and refine several critical techniques for working lateral and posterior leg lines, chest, arms, hips and back. Special emphasis is on detecting and dissipating energy blockages while using the feet.

Each day there is discussion, demonstration and practice. Each person gives and receives sessions, and the teacher guides and encourages you to organically integrate the new concepts and techniques into your own Thai massage styles and sequences.

This course reflects material from the new book by the teacher: Thai Healing Arts: Practice, Culture & Spirituality. An instruction booklet is provided for reference. This is an exciting 18 hour workshop. 60 hour minimum previous study required.

3 days, 18 hours

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