Breath, Sensing, Flow & Intuition in Thai Massage, Zagreb, Croatia


A 4-day advanced workshop - This is a multi-concept advanced course with a focus on breath awareness, body dynamics, sensing and intuition, and flowing from one technique to another with grace and ease.

At: Haber Boywork


Cost: € 500

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In this advanced 4-day course, we practice techniques in relationship to correct breathing patterns and good body dynamics so we can re-train ourselves to work with more ease and effectiveness. Another part of the course is devoted to refining our sensing and intuitive abilities so we can locate and dissipate blockages throughout the body more effectively. One day is dedicated to refining graceful movements as we transition from one technique to another (flow). Good flow is extremely important to allow the receiver to enter into a state of self-healing, and it makes our work as therapists much easier. Each day there is discussion, demonstration and practice. Each person gives and receives sessions, and the teacher guides and encourages you to organically integrate the new concepts and techniques into your own Thai massage styles and sequences. This is a unique and challenging course that will help you to work in a more spiritual and focused way.

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