Ergonomics & Breath Work in Thai Massage (Ergonomía y Respiración en el Masaje Tailandés)


2 dias, presentado en español - El enfoque del taller es explorar conceptos para ejecutar posturas y técnicas con fuerza física, mejor balance ergonómica, y mayor integracion de respiración.

From: 9 am until 5 pm

At: Bilbao, Spain



This course is specially designed for practitioners of traditional Thai massage, and basic experience in Thai, yoga or movement therapy is required. The focus of the workshop is to explore concepts that will help you to execute postures and techniques with less physical strength, more ergonomic balance, and greater integration of breath. Factors such as relative body size, proper body posture, “surrender”, synchronized and oppositional breathing patterns, and graceful transitions from one position to another are studied.
Each participant will have time to practice and refine these concepts with a variety of other students in class. We will also explore energy release and the role of breath in minimizing energy transference from one person to another. Finally, we practice physical and spiritual exercises to enhance your experience and that of your client during each session.
This course familiarizes you with basic concepts that can be integrated into your own professional and personal practice. If you find yourself working too hard during a Thai massage, or if you sometimes feel tired or depleted after a session,
this workshop is for you.
2 days, 13 hours (dos dias, 13 horas)

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