Sensing, Flow & Intuition in Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand


This is an advanced course for all body workers, healers and massage therapists. It features a variety of modules: how to use breath & body mechanics to your advantage; how to sharpen your intuition; create graceful transitions from one technque to another; and how to sense and dissipate energy blockages.

At: Sunshine Massage School, December 8-9, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Cost: 4,500 baht

to register:

This specialized workshop deals with advanced techniques and concepts, and students should already have a basic knowledge of Thai massage. The course focuses on the following themes:


  • How to cultivate graceful flow in your practice
  • Tricks and techniques to sense and release energy blockages
  • Breathing patterns & body mechanics
  • How to sharpen and follow your intuition
  • How to integrate distraction techniques into your sequence
  • Using resting poses in your work; and much more.


Each day there is discussion, demonstration, new techniques, guided exercises and practice.  Each person gives to and receives from different people, and the teacher helps you to organically integrate the new concepts and techniques into your own Thai massage styles and sequences. Emphasis is given to proper breathing patterns, and ways to transition gracefully and efficiently from one pose to another.

This is a powerful and challenging course that draws on your individual strengths and your existing knowledge of Thai massage techniques and sequences. Taking this workshop can help you to work on the mat in a more spiritual way, and with more awareness, depth, sensitivity and focus.  Join us for this exciting weekend.


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