Thai Massage for Pregnancy & Special Conditions, Chapel Hill, NC, USA


Sat/Sun, July 13-14, 13 hours CEU NCBTMB & THAI - $249, includes all materials. This course presents general guidelines for working with pregnant clients in all stages of pregnancy and for other clients who are best suited for work in side-lying position. Specail attention is given to contraindicated postures and techniques, the importance of working the back, and using herbal compresses.

At: Apsara Studio, Chapel Hill, NC

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Thai Massage for Pregnancy and Special Conditions
Sat/Sun, July 13-14, 13 hours CEU NCBTMB & THAI, $249, includes materials fee

General Thai massage courses don't usually provide instruction or training for pregnant clients, and there is a lot of confusing information out there these days. This 2-day course explores the benefits of using certain Thai massage techniques and concepts for pregnancy, tells you which things to NOT do, and helps to give you more confidence when you work with pregnant women in your practice. Reference is also made to treating clients with special conditions such as arthritis, fused vertebrae, osteoporosis, inflexibility, advanced age and obesity, all of whom may benefit from extensive work in side position.

Each day there is discussion, demonstration and hands-on practice. Techniques are done in side-lying position and in reclining supine position, and we work with props such as pillows, bolsters and beach towels. Special attention is given to relieve back stress and pressure caused by the baby's weight and to open and gently stretch the mid-torso in order to relax and expand the abdominal cavity. Hot herbal compresses are used in indicated areas, Thai herbal balms are explored, and we discuss ways in which pregnant women are treated in traditional Thai society. Acupressure routines are presented for back lines and hips, as well as alternative ways to work the legs, feet and arms in side position. Finally, we study ways to work the shoulders, neck, head and face in semi-reclining supine position.

This is a fun and informative class for all those who have some basic knowledge of traditional Thai massage. Join us for a course that can allay your fears about working with pregnant women and give you solid information and guidance to boost your confidence.

Registration fee includes booklet, herbs, balms and certificate. Reasonably-priced lodging is available for out-of-town students. $100 deposit is required to hold your place in this workshop. Limited number of spaces available.




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