Thai Massage for Shoulders, Neck, Head & Face: Groningen, Netherlands


This 3-day workshop explores a wide variety of Thai massage techniques. We work in all four body positions, we learn new techniques and refine traditional Thai techniques for the shoulders, neck and head. Special focus is given to balancing energy in the head and working the face with home-made herbal balms and Thai essence waters. 3 days, 18 hours

At: Groningen, Netherlands

Cost: €335

NOTE: This course has been cancelled because of corona virus.


18 CE hours, with certificate - 3 day workshop - €335, includes student book and all materials

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Shoulders, Neck, Head and Face in Thai Massage

After working extensively on the lower torso in Thai massage, if energy in the upper body is not released properly, a client may feel unbalanced, incomplete, and even in pain. This workshop explores a wide variety of techniques to address the shoulders, shoulder blades, clavicle, neck, head and face.

Working in all four body positions, we explore a wide variety of techniques using feet, palms, forearms, elbows, thumbs and fingers. Participants explore new and interesting techniques to release stored tension through stretches, compressions, fascia release, and opening techniques.

We review and refine traditional Thai techniques for the shoulders, upper back, and neck, including subtle suspensions and traction techniques to facilitate the release of tension in the neck. We practice important acupressure points on the head and face, many of which are not usually taught in general Thai massage classes. Special attention is given to the face and neck, and herbal balms and Thai herbal waters are used for some techniques. The group will also make their own herbal balms with beeswax and natural oils and essences.

The work is slow and spiritual, and each participant has time to give to and receive from various partners each day. This is always an enjoyable workshop because the mood is meditative, and everyone loves to receive work on their shoulders, neck, head and face. Join us !



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