Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts: Practice, Culture and Spirituality

About this book

Most Thai massage books available today are instruction manuals based on sequences, and they are designed to teach students how to execute techniques that may be performed during a Thai massage. Printed materials all around the world and on the internet present volumes of information on techniques, but you cannot learn how to execute techniques, how to breathe and move organically, how to sense energy blockages, or how to effectively and holistically offer a Thai healing session by simply reading a book.

Rather than focusing on techniques and sequences, this book reflects the author’s and contributors cumulative experience in the world of traditional Thai healing arts. It suggests ways to refine and deepen personal and professional practice, and it offers a wealth of previously unavailable information on aspects of Thai culture and spirituality, and on the history and evolution of the powerful healing modality known today as traditional Thai massage. The book presents Thai massage as a unique healing art that comes from and exists within a framework of Thai traditional medicine, and as something that is also deeply connected to Thai Buddhist spirituality and Thai culture.   Available in paperback and Kindle digital version.

This book is a first for the world of Thai healing arts because:

* It is not based on techniques or sequences, but instead it presents information about the energy-based, spiritual and cultural connections to this wonderful healing art.

* It is the first anthology on traditional Thai massage: Essays and articles are written by a wide variety of Thai massage professionals around the world.



The content is divided into several sections, each containing entries of varying length.

Introduction – general information on the evolution, concepts, theory, myths, historical facts, and intent of traditional Thai massage.

Mastery of Practice – specific information about developing, refining and maintaining a healthy Thai massage practice.

Spiritual and Cultural Connections – essays on traditional Thai healers, magic and spirituality, Buddhist influence and other healing modalities

Thai Therapists Speak – articles and accounts by Thai therapists and teachers around the world who offer unique perspectives on their study

Contributing Writers

This is the first book to offer information on traditional Thai healing arts from a wide variety of practitioners and teachers. Author Bob Haddad wrote most of the content and edited the essays, but other well known Thai massage professionals from around the world also made valuable contributions, including: Nephyr Jacobsen, Felicity Joy, Ralf Marzen, Kira Balaskas, Michael Reed Gach Ph.D, Robert Henderson, Pierce Salguero, Ph.D, Joel Sheposh, Noam Tyroler, and Tevijjo Yogi. Shorter contributions are written by Emily Canibano, Greg Lawrence, Bence Ganti, Paul Fowler, Gunakar Muley, Tim Holt, Enrico Corsi, Goran Milovanov, Danko Lara Radic, Eric Spivack, Michelle Tupko, Chris Jones, and Karen Ufer.

Never before has a collection of such wide-ranging and extensive information about Thai healing arts been presented in print.


Excerpts from this book

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Introduction, Glossary and Index

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Table of Contents and Preface

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