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Bob Haddad, group teaching, Thai Massage

I enjoy working with students of all levels, but I specialize in teaching courses and workshops to those who already have basic knowledge of traditional Thai therapies, Western massage, yoga and movement therapy.

Specialized & Advanced Workshops

To view, download or print detailed descriptions of Bob’s specialized and advanced workshops, click here: Special-and-Advanced-Workshops

For a list of all courses registered with NCBTMB (USA) for continuing education credits for massage therapists, click here:  NCBTMB courses


Below is a list of all current workshops. The courses marked with asterisks * are also taught in Spanish and Portuguese, with Spanish language booklets. (*Cursos en español se indican con asterisco. Haz click: cursos en español)


coursetime formats
Upper Body Advanced Techniques *30 hours (5 days) or 20 hours (3 days)
Working the Shoulders, Neck, Head and Face *20 hours (3 days) 13 hours (2 days), 7 hours (1 day)
Assessment-Sensing-Flow & Intuition *28 hours (4 days) or 20 hours (3 days)
Sensing, Flow & Intuition in Thai Massage13 hours (2 days)
Using Your Feet in Thai Yoga Therapy *25 hrs (5 days); 20 hrs (3 days); 13 hrs (2 days); 7 hrs (1 day)
Breath and Body Mechanics in Thai Therapy *13 hours (2 days) or 7 hours (1 day)
Breath Awareness in Bodywork7 hours (1 day)
Twists, Suspensions, Flow & Breathwork *20 hours (3 days); 7 hours (1 day)
Lifts, Twists & Suspensions in Nuad Boran *20 hours (3 days) or 7 hours (1 day)
Care & Feeding Of Your Practice13 hours (2 days); 7 hours (1 day)
Energy Release & The Art of Self Protection13 hours (2 days)
Intro to Thai Medicinal Herbs *7 hours (1 day)
Herbal Intensive & Compress Therapy: Luk Pra Kob *20 hours (3 days)
Thai Herbal Compress Therapy13 hours (2 days); 7 hours (1 day)
Thai Herbal Compress: Advanced Techniques13 hours (2 days)
Energy Release & The Art of Self-Protection13 hours (2 days)
Ergonomics & Breathwork in Nuad Boran13 hours (2 days); 7 hours (1 day)
Meditation in Movement: Advanced Techniques 20 hours (3 days); 13 hours (2 days)
Master Class & Review20 hours (3 days)
Professional Review for THAI Membershours vary
Prone & Side Position Techniques20 hours (3 days); 13 hours (2 days)
Thai Techniques for Supine and Seated Positions20 hours (3 days); 13 hours (2 days)
Working the Feet & Lower Leg Lines13 hours (2 days); 7 hours (1 day)
Thai Techniques for Pregnancy and Special Clients *7 hours (1 day)
Intro workshop: Elements of Nuad Boran13 hours (2 days)
Intro workshop: Introduction to Thai Yoga Therapy)13 hours (2 days)
Intro workshop: Thai Massage for Yoga & Bodywork13 hours (2 days)

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