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Explorations in Thai Massage: Mastery & Review, Zagreb, Croatia,

Explorations in Thai Massage: Mastery & Review, Zagreb, Croatia - October 5-8, 4 days

At: Haber Bodywork

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Upper Body Advanced Techniques, London, UK

London, U.K.,: Oct. 13-15, 2023: 3 days, 18 hours with certificate. After working the feet, legs and lower body, it is important to continue with your work on the upper body in a targeted and holistic way. This workshop raises your awareness of whole-body energy patterns, and helps you connect your upper-body work to the things you do in the first half of your treatments.

At: School of Thai Yoga Massage


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Técnicas para Hombros, Cuello, Cara y Cabeza (Shoulders, Neck, Head & Face), Barcelona, Spain

Taught in Spanish and English. Curso de 3 dias/18 horas. Impartido en castellano e inglés. Este curso presenta una amplia variedad de técnicas usando pies, palmas, antebrazos, codos, pulgares y dedos. Los participantes exploran técnicas nuevas e interesantes para liberar la tensión acumulada en los hombros, la parte superior de la espalda y el cuello. Para algunas técnicas de cara y cuello se utilizan bálsamos y aguas de hierbas tailandesas.

At: Laboratorio de Paz


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