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Working the Shoulders, Neck, Head & Face, Longview, Texas, USA

A very popular course for all bodyworkers, healers and massage therapists. A wide variety of techniques are practiced to release tension and open energy in this part of the body. Herbal balms and waters are used for some of the neck and face techniques.

At: Integrative Bodywork of Longview


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Introduction to Thai Medicinal Herbs, Balms, & Compresses, London UK

A one-day workshop and presentation about traditional Thai medicinal herbs and their use in therapeutic bodywork and healing arts. Open to all.

At: School of Thai Yoga Massage London


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Assessment, Breath & Body Mechanics in Thai Massage, London, UK

2 days, Sat/Sun, Oct 1-2 - This is an advanced course dealing with ways to assess clients before and during practice; Proper use of body mechanics for effective work; awareness of breathing patterns; and ways to increase sensitivity in therapeutic bodywork.

At: School of Thai Yoga Massage, London


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Breath, Sensing, Flow & Intuition in Thai Massage, Zagreb, Croatia

A 4-day advanced workshop - This is a multi-concept advanced course with a focus on breath awareness, body dynamics, sensing and intuition, and flowing from one technique to another with grace and ease.

At: Haber Boywork


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Using Feet - Usar los Pies en el Masaje Tai, Granada, Spain

3 dias, 18 horas, certificado - Curso avanzado que explora las muchas maneras de usar los pies mientras se trabaja en el masaje tailandés. Dictado en español. - An advanced course that explores the many ways to use your feet as you work in Thai massage.

At: Escuela Kalathai


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