Pregnancy & Special Conditions (Side position techniques) Edmonton, AL


Edmonton, Alberta - Saturday, Aug. 17, $215 - 1-day specialized course about working in side-lying position to treat pregnant women and people with special conditions such as osteoporosis, orthopedic conditions, and back pain.

At: Soul to Sole Thai Massage

Address: Edmonton, Alberta

Cost: CAD $215

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Techniques and Concepts for Pregnancy and Special Conditions

Saturday, Aug 17 - to 4:30 p.m.   CAD$215

This 1-day course presents special techniques to work the legs, to relieve back pain, mobilize the hips, open the abdomen and work the arms and shoulders in side position. Special emphasis is placed on working with pregnant clients, including using props and herbal compresses, avoiding certain pressure points and areas of the body, and taking precautionary measures. We also practice techniques that are most suitable for older people with conditions such as osteoporosis, orthopedic conditions, back pain, and immobility issues.

Participants learn about contra-indicated techniques and acupressure points. Special body positioning sequences are explored, and importance is given to working the back, legs, face and head. We explore ways to give an entire Thai massage in side position, which is the only practical body position for women in mid to late-term pregnancy, and a very comfortable position for many people with other conditions.

Join us for an interesting and exciting 1-day workshop that can help to change the way you treat others in therapeutic bodywork.

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