Lifts, Twists & Suspensions in Thai Massage, Indianapolis, Indiana


Lifts, Twists and Suspensions, May 5, 2024 - This one-day workshop presents effective ways to reduce a client's stress through balancing and rocking suspensions, twists, and lifting techniques. Proper execution of these techniques relies on good body mechanics, breathwork, and heightened awareness and sensitivity.

At: Indianapolis, Indiana - Somabolo Bodywork


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Lifts, Twists & Suspensions in Thai Massage  -  a 7-hour workshop

$139 individual registration  (NOTE: Discounted price of $99 if you also enroll in the 3-day Prone and Side Position course from May 2-4)

Some Thai massage courses present techniques for lifting and suspending clients that simply don’t work when one person is larger, heavier, or taller than the other. All too often, little emphasis is given to why and when we should practice these techniques, and the potential for hurting yourself or hurting the client is real, and should be avoided.

This workshop takes a new look at when, why and how we should twist, suspend and lift a client in Thai massage. There are little-known but very effective ways to reduce a client's stress via gentle balancing and rocking suspensions. These techniques have less to do with physical strength, and they depend more on proper body mechanics, breath, and physics. We will learn them, and we'll also review and refine other traditional Thai massage techniques for twisting and gently suspending clients.

We work in all four body positions; supine, prone, seated and side, and special attention is given to the motivation behind each technique – when to use them, and when to NOT use them. If you like the idea of balancing and suspension poses, but you are not always comfortable when you try them, then this workshop is for you.

The one-day course is valid for 7 hours of continuing education credit through NCBTMB and Thai Healing Alliance, and the workshop is open to everyone, especially yoga practitioners, massage therapists and any others interested in healing arts.

Special discount for this course if you also attend the 3-day Thai massage course on May 9-11. Contact Brandon at Somabolo for details.

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