Sensing, Flow & Intuition in Thai Massage – April 15-17, Netherlands


This is an advanced course that features a variety of modules on cultivating flow in your practice; using breath & body mechanics; reading body language; sharpening your intuition; sensing and dissipating energy blockages; and much more.

At: Waalre, Netherlands

Address: CONTACT: Tirza, 06-39100430,


Cost: 350 EUR

  This specialized workshop deals with advanced techniques and concepts, and at least 100 hours previous study of Thai massage is required. Participants should also have at least one year of practice since their first study. A variety of modules focus on the following themes: Cultivating graceful flow in your practice; Alternative ways to work leg lines; Breathwork & body mechanics; How to read body language and use it as a guide for your work; How to follow and sharpen your intuition; How to integrate graceful transitions and distraction techniques; Sensing and dissipating energy blockages; Incorporating resting poses into your sequence; and much more. Each day there is discussion, demonstration and practice. Each person gives and receives sessions, and the teacher guides and encourages you to organically integrate the new concepts and techniques into your own Thai massage styles and sequences. This is a unique and challenging course that will help you to work on the mat in a more spiritual and focused way. 3 Days, 20 hours CEU Thai Dee School, Netherlands Contact: Tirza, 06-39100430,,

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